Codification Process

Because we are serving the small towns of Oklahoma, we strive to provide services at as low a cost as possible.  We don’t provide legal services for ordinance review as we believe your city attorney is more in tune with your municipality’s needs and is more capable of reviewing your specific municipality’s ordinances.  We believe that the municipalities we serve are more than capable of addressing the legal issues of their proposed ordinances and in that way can save money.  Should your municipality not have a city attorney, Municipal Code Management is happy to make a few suggestions of local Oklahoma attorneys to review your proposed ordinance and discuss how state law might affect it.

Since there isn’t a legal service provided by Municipal Code Management, we don’t have to bill for it and you can continue your relationship with your current legal representative.

Once we have an opportunity to review your compilation of ordinances, we compile them into a user friendly format, create a code and present them for review and codification (or recodification) to your municipality’s Board or Council.

The upfront cost of our compilation and codification is a bit more expensive than our annual service agreement for maintenance of your code, though still thousands (potentially tens of thousands) of dollars cheaper than any national codification company.  Once codified, if we continue on an annual service agreement, your costs are the same year in and year out*, likely costing less for one year of ordinance maintenance and recodification than a single city employee’s two week paycheck.

After the initial codification with Municipal Code Management is completed, we stay in contact to request and receive monthly updates of new ordinances, amendments, etc.  We will recodify every two years at no additional cost to you beyond the fixed* yearly service agreement plus costs.  This business model allows each city or town we serve to put codification and supplemental statute compliance in the back of its mind while dealing with more important matters.  It also provides each of our cities and towns with the opportunity to build this cost into their annual budget due to minimal, fixed fees* and reasonably constant costs, year to year.  In this manner, no city or town we work with gets a surprise bill for thousands of dollars.

Our municipal clients are important to us, as is our relationship with them.  Our goal is to have a long term relationship and interaction with each and every municipality we serve for the betterment of small town Oklahoma, the State as a whole and its citizens.

*Annual service agreement costs are subject to slight increases due to inflation and actual cost increase, such being reflected in the Service Agreement terms.